Malicious Payload Game

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Miner-bots acting weird and agressive.

There is no word from other fighting guards, and closest help is light-years away. Only you can save the miner station, Minutor-CCXVI ! Malicious Payload is a action-shooter VR game. Clear the space station from malicious bots and try to find who is behind all this chaos.

Use terminals to overload and fry the mainframe and get rid of the malicious robots! Try to survive the wave of bots and move through the maze-like spaceship


The longer you stay, the more successful you are. You can increase your reputation on Leaderboards worldwide. Malicious robots comes in waves in increasing form, will do anything to terminate you. Take the guns from robots you killed, or choose one you want from Holo Menu.


You're a security guard on Minutor-CCXVI. You're having a boring day and you fallen asleep in the security room. Suddenly the computer shows security alerts. You check the security cameras and you can't see anything. But the system is captured by the space pirates, they sent a virus called Malicious Payload to the mainframe. The ship undergoes a loss of energy and begins to drift through space. You come out of the security room to understand what happened, but the miner-bots have turned into lethal robots. You think you can save the ship?